Monday, November 26, 2012


Im tired for being stupid
Im tired for being ugly
Im tired for being 'FAT'
Im tired for being a girl who have a lot of pimple scars on her face
Im tired for being such a dumbass
Im tired for being judge
Im tired for being a depressed person
Im tired for being a cutter
Im tired for being a joke
Im tired to being used
Im tired to being bullied
Im tired to keep taking a medicine
Im tired to being a loser
Im tired for being a girl who doesn't have any confidence
Im tired of the people who never want to respect me
Im tired of my own stupid problem
Im tired  of my own insecurities
Im tired of society
Im tired to tell myself that today everything will gonna be okay eventhough i know it won't 
Im tired of everyone who keep saying that im fat
Im tired to see my own scars
Im tired to see another people get bullied
Im tired starving myself
Im tired of everything
Im tired of everyone
Im tired of my life
And the truth is, 
Im tired of MYSELF


Sunday, November 18, 2012


oh hye nigga. i just start blogging and i know that im totally lame okay don't laugh cause i know that im totally lame. before this i just use tumblr to express my feeling. but i just wanna try to have a blog so here we go. wish me luck! xx